Let's Get Moving

We provide personalized, evidence-based physical therapy services in a modern facility, dedicated to clinical excellence and achieving optimal health outcomes.

About Our Company

Rob Nelson and Trevor Groves started Madras Physical Therapy driven by a belief that clinical excellence, dedication to service, and compassionate, individualized care provide the best value and outcome in your healthcare experience. We achieve positive results by thoroughly investigating the musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and neurological causes of your problem. We are dedicated to the latest evidence-based treatment and are informed by decades of clinical experience.

Madras Physical Therapy is home to talented clinicians and staff who share Rob and Trevor’s vision of health care delivery. In May 2017, we moved into our newly constructed 3,500 sq. foot clinic designed to provide the best outcome in your healthcare experience. We offer a full range of physical therapy services.

Our Services Include

Explore our specialized services tailored to meet your unique health and performance goals.

Spine Care

Revitalize your backbone for a pain-free, active life

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Accelerate recovery and regain strength post-surgery

Performance Training

Enhance your athletic prowess for peak performance

Spinal Manipulation

Unlock a flexible spine for optimal health and mobility