Our Services

The Madras Physical Therapy Difference

Our practice model supports talented clinicians who provide effective, evidence-based care tailored to each individual’s needs. We take the time to properly assess your condition, educate and work together on the ideal treatment plan. We are integrated into the Central Oregon medical community and collaborate with your healthcare team to achieve the best outcomes.

Spine Care

Our spine is the foundation for movement, and its care across the age spectrum is critical for pain-free movement. We focus on a thorough biomechanical and neuromuscular spine assessment and utilize various treatment techniques, including spinal manipulation, to achieve your goals. Common conditions treated include headaches, disc disorders, post-operative care, acute and chronic conditions of the spine, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Performance Training

Is that nagging ache or pain preventing you from running that faster mile, crossing the next canyon, or making that perfect cast? Our team of seven clinicians draws on a vast experience set to help you eliminate the problem and level up. In addition, we share years of specific experience in running, road/mountain biking, alpine/Nordic skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, and whitewater kayaking. In his later years, Rob hopes to take up darts.

Neurologic Disorders

Neurologic disorders pose special challenges, and a physical therapist can be an effective member of your healthcare team. Our clinicians integrate orthopedic and neurologic skills to design the best path forward in your rehabilitation. Our clinic design creates ease of access for those with mobility challenges and provides a relaxing atmosphere as you get strong again. Common conditions: Vertigo, stroke, balance disorders, multiple sclerosis, geriatric wellness.

 Lymphedema Therapy

With the focus on reliving swelling by moving lymphatic fluids out of the affected libs. Our certified lymphatic therapist uses several medical options, such as compression with specialized elastic bandages, compression stockings, and manual lymphatic drainage.